About Mario Klaver

I am passionate about my work. Whether I work on Java (web)applications or iOS games / apps, I always deliver high quality software. I am a strong believer of Test Driven Development (TDD). But most of all I like discussing and creating software together with a team of enthousiasts.

A process that helps me delivering software that matters is Scrum. I’m a Certified Scrum Master (SCM), but more important than the certificate or following the precise rules of Scrum is to adapt it in your team to your own needs. The ideas behind scrum are way more important than the rules.


I'm not available. At the moment I work as Scrum Master / Senior Java developer at Gemeente Rotterdam (Dutch Government). We are designing a responsive website for the citizens and companies in Rotterdam using Wicket, Bootstrap, jQuery and AngularJS.

Besides that I'm working on an iOS game, Bubble Brainer, using Swift and SpriteKit.

Interested in hiring me? Give me a call or use the contact form and I can tell you exactly when I will be available.


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100% Complete
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